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Infant Program
Each infant dictates his/her own schedule or daily routine. We ask when you enroll your child that you provide us, in writing, your baby’s schedule at home (i.e.; feedings, naps, play times, etc.) as well as any other special things you would like us to know about your child. It gives the teachers the feeling that they know your child, making the transition between home and child care much easier on your baby. Each day your child will be sent home with a "Day In The Life Form" that will let parents know about meals, naps, diapers changes, and their child's general disposition.
Wobbler Program
Toddler Program
The Wobbler class is for your wobbling little one. In this class they start to get into more of a routine. Each day your child will be sent home with a "Day In The Life Form" that will let parents know about meals, naps, diapers changes, and their child's general disposition. The children will start to learn songs, get creative with art projects, and listen to stories..
Toddlers have a daily schedule that they follow. We provide toddlers with a variety of activities during the day allowing for a balance of active and quiet, indoor and outdoor activities, and group and individual activities. The toddler’s activities follow the monthly themes listed on the monthly calendar you will receive each month. They regularly work on the preschool concept such as recognizing letters of the alphabet, being able to count and recognize numbers 1 through 10. 

Preschool Program
In this class, the curriculum includes arts and crafts, music, stories, and creative play, as well as an orientation to letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, colors and time concepts.  Socially we encourage the children to be kind and helpful and show respect for the feelings and opinions of others. We help them to develop patience, self-discipline, and pride in themselves and their accomplishments. To encourage physical development we offer indoor and outdoor activities for the children, which help, develop and control their large and small muscles as well as release excess energy. We stress the importance of health and safety in everything we do. Our program is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each child with the ultimate goal of building independence and self-confidence. 

Pre-K Program
Schoolage Program
The Pre-Kindergarten Prep program includes all the same aspects of the Preschool Program but grows and has an introduction to phonics, printing and simple mathematics. The children have outside play days. In addition, classes enjoy varied experiences with cooking, dance and gardening. 
Our before and after school program is designed for school-age children to offer children the opportunity to explore different modes of expression, art, dramatic play, blocks, science, math, music, and reading. The children have an opportunity to start their homework with the help of the teachers onsite and any projects related to school. We have a special curriculum designed to respond to the age appropriate needs of the children throughout the year, and a special summer curriculum (including field trips to many places around Central Oregon) that will provide memories for years to come.Transportation to and from Buckingham and Bear creek school is provided at no additional charge. And all meals while attending HDLC are included.

 Coming in Summer of 2014 is a new summer camp program at High Desert Learning Center. Summer camp will feature a variety of themes from sports, cooking, talent, and art. Each week will have an art project, cooking project or a field trip pertaining to each theme. There are also weekly trips to the park to play, have scavenger hunts, and much more!

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