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Our Infant classroom is very spacious, calming and filled with large windows for natural light. Each baby has their own diaper bag cubby, desginated storage for bottles/baby food, diapers and their own crib.

Daily Routine


Each baby dictates their own schedule to reflect their individual needs for feedings and nap time.

Play Time


Playtime includes tummy time, musical instruments, mirrors, sensory exploration and stimulation to help our infants develop emotionally, physically and intellectually.



All our age appropriate toys, high chairs, rocking chairs and cribs are sanitized daily. We have a "shoe-cover" rule for our Infant room to ensure a clean floors.

Day In The Life Forms


Each morning the parents fill out our Day in the Life Form which will help provide us with how your babies night went and before arrival. We send it home with you each day to get a glimpse at your babies day!

Infant Program

Each infant dictates his/her own schedule or daily routine. We ask when you enroll your child that you provide us, in writing, your baby’s schedule at home (i.e.; feedings, naps, play times, etc.) as well as any other special things you would like us to know about your child. It gives the teachers the feeling that they know your child, making the transition between home and child care much easier on your baby. Each day your child will be sent home with a "Day In The Life Form" that will let parents know about meals, naps, diapers changes, and their child's general disposition.


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