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School Age


Our School Age class is at a 1:15 ratio. We provide breakfast for children who arrive before 7:15am. After school the kiddos will have snack upon arrival, homework and quiet reading time and then playtime during pick up. 

Daily Routine


Drop off to daycare, Breakfast (if time allows before van run), off to school. Pick up from school, afternoon snack, homework, reading, free play, pick up. On days that the Beaverton School District is closed and we are open, School Age kids may stay all day for an additional fee and must be planned ahead of time.

Homework/Reading and Play Time


Kids are assisted on their homework by the School Age teachers, quiet reading help and additional school help is offered. A variety of playtime areas are offered to the School Age children during the drop off and pick up times each day.



All our age appropriate toys, chairs, tables and mats are sanitized daily. 

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