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Our Preschool classroom is at our 1:10 ratio, all children will have turned 3 before entering this class. Your child will get dropped off in their Preschool class where they will have their own large cubby to place any of their belongings. The Preschool class has mastered routine and will follow the same guidelines each day. The Preschool class stays super busy as they have a full Preschool curriculum that grows on our Junior Preschool Curriculum. The children will learn to trace shapes, letters, lines and words. They also focus on their Pre-Writing skills, counting, matching, lots of stories, art projects and more! They sure are busy!

Daily Routine


Each Preschool child follows our Preschool room schedule. The Preschool class has one nap per day and has a set schedule. Typical schedule is as followed: Drop off time, Morning Snack, Outside time, Free play, Art, Music, Lunch, Nap, Afternoon Snack, Small Activities and then its time to go home!

Play Time


Playtime includes art, songs, instruments, visual flashcards, large blocks, sensory items, puzzles and more. The children have a set free play times for morning and afternoon.



All our age appropriate toys, chairs, tables and mats are sanitized daily. 

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